Wednesday, July 22, 2015

July 20, Storm Lake to Fort Dodge

The weather forecast was accurate. I was woken up several times by the sound of rain hitting the tent, but by early morning the rain had stopped so that we could pack up our tents with out the rain falling on us. We had decided to head out to McDonald's for coffee and breakfast before starting the ride since McDonald's was right around the corner from the campsite. No sooner had we ordered than we looked out the windows and saw that the roads were getting wet with rain. We put it off as long as we could, had headed out at about 9AM into a drizzling rain. 

It’s never a lot of fun riding the rain, but it was warm and the rain wasn’t cold, so on we rode. The rain front started to break up and we stopped for coffee and bagels about 20 miles into the ride where the sky began to clear with blue sky opening up. We even started to have some tail winds just push us along at a nice pace.

Yesterday we had a bit of climbing and today we had some nice downward oscillating hills. By the time we pulled into the campsite at Fort Dodge, we had climbed slightly over 1,200 feet.

72.76 miles
1,200 plus feet of climbing

Happy Biking,


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