Wednesday, July 22, 2015

July 21, Fort Dodge to Eldora

Cool last night. Woke up needing a jacket to get out of the sleeping bag. Just right for cycling.  After the typical morning routine of packing bags, taking down the tent and dragging the bags into the baggage truck, it was time to put on the sunscreen, make the last minute check take all the cycling gear was accounted for; helmet, gloves, camera, GPS and such, it was time to roll.

With a couple of quick turns we were on the road with the other riders. Just a great day of photo ops. The road wide open with sun low on the horizon and color full riders all around.

About 20 miles in we stopped for coffee and bagels at a vendor (K&K) that has become a regular for use. We lollygagged in the early morning sun until we felt that it was necessary to move on. Generally the roads today were well maintained, smooth and fast with perhaps a touch of a tail wind as well.

40 mile on we stopped on the route at small town called Williams where they laid out the welcome mat. Several classic cars were on the streets and I discovered a car museum in town. All very nice.

We pushed on a found a town that was packed. The group separated as we all found something interesting to eat. I end up with a rhubarb pie with homemade ice cream.  That’s lunch isn’t it?

We rode into camp at 5ish, set up the tent with the goal to hit dinner at the fairgrounds by 6PM. As a special treat, the fairgrounds was having a tractor pull. I’ve heard of tractor pulls but never attend one and it was visible from our campsite, so of course I just had to go!

I can’t say that it was intellectually stimulating, but it was kind of fun and maybe with a couple of more beers it may have been more fun, but it was free so who’s complaining.

Tomorrow we’ll be traveling to Cedar Falls, which is less that 60 miles, so it will be shorter day. I hope that it’s as fun as the past three days.

Happy Biking,


74  miles
1,400 plus feet of climbing

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